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Sell dirty panties online

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The Specific Things I Am Looking For Is First And Foremost, A Woman Who Is Very Strong, I Don't Want A Partner Who Is Weak Minded. I miss going out and having someone to talk to. Please put in the subject line (days fun) Bored Puerto Rican Here m4w hey all. It's a nice place to live and it has always been one of my top choices, I've just been too complacent to attempt it before.

Name: Margi
Age: 19
City: Catalina, Ludington, Treherne
Hair: Bald
Relation Type: Its Monday, Wanna Fuck?
Seeking: I Am Want Sex
Relationship Status: Not married

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Selling used panties on your own website I have already advised you to create a website for yourself as soon as possible. Always report abusers, harassers, scammers, timewasters. People can then decide to stick with panty-focused services, or expand from there.

Panties can also act as a keepsake or souvenir that holds a cherished memory. The way it works best for me is through clients. Now the rules have changed. For this reason, never use an address that uses your real name!

#1 - your profile

Making more per pair often requires special fetish touches—like piss, cum, or period blood. Also manyvids will promote your products so that is free marketing as well. NEVER use your real address for a return address!

You can thank me in the comments section below if you pannties this article. You can also attach a set of tokens for users to buy your used panties. You can do that while you sleep.

Be kind and respectful to other sellers and to buyers of course. The Work Rirty widespread media representations suggesting that sex work, in general, and selling panties, in particular, is a source of easy money, the ssell is that this work only seems easy because most of it is invisible. Rose, who ly talked about panties in terms of a souvenir, recalled that the first time she sold panties was when she was working as an escort and had a client who wanted something to remember their evening by.

Males and Females have different scent and hence few men get excited and enjoy sniffing used worn panties. We take your safety seriously, and we do not tolerate pantiss abusive actions on our site.

It's surprisingly difficult to sell your panties online

According to USPSshippers are not allowed to ship anything that contains body fluids. But what, exactly, goes into making a sale? You will be surprized by the amount of people who are willing to spend money on your used panties. Women seeking to exclusively sell panties may have to do comparably more work per sale than their established counterparts. Selling panties on manyvids is a great way to supplement your income.

I look for a man

Be sure to use discreet packaging; print addresses clearly, or print shipping labels. They're providing you dirtu platform and audience to sell your products.

When sales are done locally, there is often an expectation that the seller will meet buyer in a public setting, serving as a de facto date or, at least, an opportunity face-to-face interaction. Just by showing an extra effort to interact with your panty buyers will make you much more money compared to your competitors. You will find hundreds of girls advertising their worn panties which are on sale.

Who buys women's used panties? Charlotte plans to return to panty sales when she retires from escorting later this year, and wants to leverage her existing client base, as well as a series of self produced porn clips, to fetch prices in excess of these figures.

How to sell used panties

Panties are being sold for their symbolic value. For example: the material, color, sll, and condition of your panties. You don't have to show your face; that is your choice.

You can personalize the inner contents of your package like adding a handwritten note. The panties listed below have given the best rates for our girls. Its onlune that they find erotic pleasure in the female scent of womens used panties.

Everything you need to get started selling dirty panties online

Paying for a P. See More. Panty sales also facilitate interaction.

Become a Seller Create your own private shop Set up a used underwear store just for you! Follow Mark Hay on Twitter.

Mark Hay Coins are particularly useful for international sellers who cannot find a good way to accept payments from buyers.