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Chapter 16 - triassic strata

The type section is in the Tidewater Davidson Crown No. Stratigraphy Stratigraphic Nomenclature Triassic stratigraphy, nomenclature and nomenclatural relations in the Alberta Basin are summarized and discussed by McLearn and KindleHunt and RatcliffeBarss et al. The upper Doig and Halfway peac represent deposition in a prograding micro- to mesotidal barrier island shoreline system with equivalent offshore-shelf marine siliciclastics and lesser limestones to the west.

Peac Charlie Lake Formation occurs in the subsurface and surface plains and foothills of northeastern British Columbia and west-central Alberta.

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Since then, we've learned to 'like', 'follow', and slide our way into someone's Women wanting phone sex. In some areas of the basin, these two contacts may represent unconformities or disconformities Barss et al. These stratigraphic units are basin wide throughout the Peace River Embayment. These units represent the oldest Mesozoic strata in the Williston Basin and onlap, with ificant unconformity, the underlying eroded Paleozoic surface.

The rejuvenated faults influenced local sedimentation patterns. The Bocock is unconformably overlain by the Jurassic Fernie Formation. Each unit represents a coarsening-upward sequence - the shoreward equivalents of the above mentioned prograding sequences. The Charlie Lake Formation, like that in the subsurface eastern foothills and plains, comprises a variegated succession of buff to yellow, gray to orange-brown weathering, dolomitic to calcareous sandstone, siltstone, sandy limestone, dolostone and minor amounts of intraformational and solution breccia.

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The name "Amaranth" was given to the red siltstones and shales near the town of Amaranth, Manitoba by Kirk and the Amaranth Formation was formally defined by Wickenden with two type sections deated at WPM, In the Williston Lake area the Baldonnel is characterized by an additional dark weathering siltstone, sandstone and dolostone peacce at the base called the Ducette Member Figs.

Baldonnel Formation.

Important pof casual dating thing on sun. Each of these two formations is subdivided into members.

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The "Worsley Member" has not been ased to a formation and no type section has been deated. Following Horny women in Hernshaw, WV of the lower Whitehorse Starlight Evaporite Member and Charlie Lake formations, the environment changed from one of predominantly shallow-restricted marine, to relatively deeper water, open-marine shelf conditions during deposition of the upper Whitehorse Brewster Limestone Member and Baldonnel formations Figs.

Also, near or at the subcrop edge in northeastern British Columbia e. Between Smoky and Pine rivers, the Phroso and Vega siltstone members cannot be distinguished and must be grouped as the single undifferentiated Vega-Phroso siltstone member of the Sulphur Mountain Formation Fig.

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Initial deposition took place in a westward-deepening, open-shelf marine environment. Although the redbeds are normally considered as cap rocks to Mississippian subcrop-type pece fields, oil shows in sandstone lenses are known in southern Manitoba. The Lower Watrous is underlain unconformably by Devonian and Carboniferous strata in southern Saskatchewan and by Ordovician to Carboniferous strata in southwestern Manitoba see Figs.

Tectonic activity associated with the Cretaceous Laramide Orogeny produced a of thrust faults and folds seen in the west and southwest of the Peace River Embayment. The Embayment was connected to the Liard sub-basin in the north and to deposits in the Rocky Mountains and foothills in the south. Stratigraphy Stratigraphic Nomenclature The Watrous Formation was defined by Giver and Thomas as red-orange shale and mudstone overlain by anhydrite.

Unconformities or disconformities occur locally at the base of the Halfway Formation Barss et al. These gamma-ray peaks may represent major and minor transgressive pece during deposition of upper Montney sediments.

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This low-relief area supplied mature, multicycled, quartz-rich sand grains, ultimately from the Precambrian Shield, which dominate all the Triassic clastic deposits. The abrupt basal contact with the Lower Triassic Vega-Phroso and Montney, combined with the occurrence of the phosphatic conglomerates, suggests that the basin may have been subjected to a brief interval peacr nondeposition or submarine erosion prior to cycle 2 transgression.

Much of the limestone is skeletal and consists of whole and fragmented bivalve shells. Stratigraphic History - Peace River Embayment In the Alberta Basin, Early Triassic deposition began with a major marine transgression eastward onto an eroded Carboniferous and Permian peneplain surface and was followed by a regression. The interbedded carbonates in the Kibbey, however, have lower gamma-ray and sonic responses, which aid in separating the Watrous and Kibbey.

The depicted lithofacies are derived from summaries of the Private swingers Columbia Missouri Charlie Lake Formation. It consists of dolomitized bioclastic wackestone and packstone Armitage, Some of the finer irregularities on the surface may be the result of salt dissolution in underlying Devonian strata.

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The formation is informally split into two units - a "Lower Watrous" Triassic? In the western part of ppeace Peace River Embayment, the Halfway and Doig formations are distinct and form an overall coarsening-upward sequence e. However, the Worsley is herein suggested to riber a facies of the Charlie Lake Formation because of interpreted facies transition to the Charlie Lake Hassler, and a closer lithological similarity to the Charlie Lake than to other strata.

Alberta Basin Triassic sediments were deposited as a series of three major transgressive-regressive "T-R" third- or fourth-order cycles Figs. This oil field Fig. Francis suggested one or more major unconformities within the Watrous-Amaranth sequence.