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But it only goes in one direction: workers get little if any stability and flexibility in return. UW Medicine now has a website that outlines what their hospitals need and includes a donation form. Local comedians Andrew Rivers and Cory Michaelis will be serving up the inside jokes get it?

Despite commitments by the company to change, the data shows that issues persist for baristas in Seattle and across the country. My schedule comes out weekly. Over the past few months, Working Washington staff and members have interviewed more than three hundred local workers in coffee, food service, and other fields about their experiences with access to hours, unpredictable and unreliable schedules, rest between shifts, and other secure scheduling issues.

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The leaders of the study were able to launch a pilot project which modified scheduling practices in ways that maintained flexibility and efficiency for the stores, while limiting unnecessary turbulence in workers' schedules and providing them flexibility as well. Just consider the impact of receiving a text message at am informing you that the schedule your next shift is set to begin at that morning, as one working father at a downtown Starbucks recently documented.

In contrast to the head-in-sand response of some self-appointed leaders of the business community, our survey clearly indicate that the problem is widespread, serious, and has a deep impact on the lives of many service-industry workers in Seattle. In fact, a recent national study of scheduling practices at retail employers found that despite the wild variation in individual workers' schedules, the total hours worked at individual stores varied far less.

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Those impacts take a toll. Inslee said social distancing and staying home have helped flatten the curve in our state. Ourfime are almost twice as likely as men to get less than 1 week's notice of their schedules, and people of color are ificantly less likely to get 2 week's notice of their schedules than are white workers.

Your support makes it possible for us to keep cutting through the chaos, highlighting the bright spots, and bringing our community together. Clopenings should be abolished. Seattle Met Dig this newsletter? us at a post-election party on a weekend following Nov.

What seattle is talking about

Instead of abusing this technology and playing games with workers' time, big chains can use it to provide secure schedules. Washington state set yet another new record for folks seeking unemployment benefits, withnew claims filed between March 22 and Please e-mail us at This address is being protected from spambots. ssattle

All skill levels are welcome; you can bring an in-progress project to work on or use the time to get started on something new. Whether you attribute it to the Seattle Freeze, our fickle spring weather, or our fondness for following the rulesone thing is clear — Seattleites are pretty darn good at this whole social distancing thing.

Unstable schedules also mean constant insecurity, wasted time, and unnecessary stress. Even a simple Google search now offers hour-by-hour data on the busy times sexttle various businesses. I could get a car. It doesn't have to be this way.

Our time to shine

Erotic massage Austin In order to mitigate those trends and give every worker seartle pathway to a reliable income, part-time employees should have the opportunity to take on new hours when they become available. All are welcome. I only see my children a few minutes in the morning time and about 1 hour at night time if I got home before pm most of the time eeattle might be asleep at the time that I get home.

No one cares about our health and our lives.

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Everyone should have the ourtmie to rest between shifts. One manager only scheduled two weeks out in the very first month, and then she barely got one week in advance, up to when I left I had to get my schedule for Monday on Sunday night. Because our time counts, too.

The UW model suggests hospitals will be able to handle the extra cases at their current capacity — assuming our social distancing efforts remain effective. The average typical work week for part-time workers was just 25 hours, with a week-to-week variability of saettle Starbucks has been at the center of this issue ever since a expose in the New York Times drew sharp attention to their scheduling practices.

When you count on these few hours even one or two ourtike per week ourtimw a difference. From the employer's perspective, this is an attempt to maximize their flexibility while minimizing their benefit costs. Faced with the broad consensus that unstable, unpredictable scheduling practices are unacceptable, business groups opposing secure scheduling policies have taken the path of denial. The carved lion head on the Interurban Building looms above what was once the entrance to Seattle National Bank.

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The right to rest is a matter of workplace safety, and also one of seattpe human dignity. Modern scheduling software lets big chains ourtiime consumer demand better than ever, and farther in advance than ever before. But we do need our supporting members — and we could use a few more right now. This lead to me being less productive than nights I was able to rest. And the industry trends all seem to be moving in the wrong direction for workers, their families, and our economy.

If I could work full-time, instead of 2 jobs my life would have less stress and I could finally spend time with my family. Corporations like Starbucks should meet with workers to discuss how to improve their scheduling practices. This is Our Time to Shine! First, we gathered data from 98 workers ourtime seattle a detailed one-on-one field survey instrument asking about a range of secure scheduling issues. The are clear: large s of workers in food service, retail, and other service seaattle feel their lives become a constant scramble because they don't have the flexibility they need to care for their families, contribute to their communities, and live their lives.