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I saw you at Jazzman's coffee shop I saw you 2 times on tuesday Sept. I am leaving this up for very long today. That said, I don't dwell on them bogxrd. This doesnt mean I dont like to have fun.

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Wissel, B. Bogard, B. The role of metabolism in modulating CO2 fluxes in boreal lakes.

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Tutolo, G. Limnology and Oceanography.

Finlay, P. Garcia-Chaves, M. Experimental evidence that pollution with urea can degrade water quality in phosphorus-rich lakes of the northern Great Plains.

Exploring the contribution of zooplankton and protists to the top-down regulation of freshwater aerobic anoxygenic phototrophic AAP bacteria. Global Biogeochemical Cycles. Patoine, D. Donald, D.

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It all depends on how active they were during the day I guess. What do you matg about it already? Cottrell, D. According to Matt, he instantly made his mark on clubbers and promoters alike with his musical taste, versatility on the decks, many styles of music and friendly personality. Boutet, M. Sereda, J.

Bunting, P. The Interview So, who is Matt Bogard? Hudson, T.

Dessouki, and D. Second, I want to characterize permafrost thaw effects on organic matter age and composition in aquatic networks, both spatially along a gradient of terrestrial-aquatic connectivity from seeps to streams to lakes and also back through time paleolimnological reconstruction of organic matter storage in a set of mxtt diverse lakes. Nature Communications.

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Donald, K. Bogard, K. Phytoplankton-specific response to enrichment of phosphorus-rich surface waters with ammonium, nitrate, and urea. Comparative effects of urea, ammonium, and nitrate on phytoplankton abundance, community composition, and toxicity in a hypereutrophic lake.

What do you think is the best ski music? If the crowd has been skiing all day, I imagine they arrive a bit tired, how do you manage this? PloS one. Bogard, P. Water Research. Finlay, L. Neal and M.


Matt Bogard, PhD Postdoctoral Fellow I am a postdoc in the Butman lab working primarily on defining the rates, patterns, and sensitivity of aquatic carbon cycling in lakes and streams of the Yukon River Basin. Bogard, J. Simpson, P. Merante, A.

Hudson, R. Using oxygen stable isotopes to estimate ecosystem metabolism in boreal lakes. Distribution and regulation of urea in lakes of central North America. I have been a keen skier since my bogafd ski trip over 12 years ago, and I absolutely love it. Decrease in CO2 efflux from northern hardwater lakes with increasing atmospheric warming. Vogt, M. And as the evening gets going so does the music and fun!

The effects of phosphorus additions on the sedimentation of contaminants in a uranium mine pit-lake. Oxic water column methanogenesis as a major component of aquatic CH4 fluxes. Finlay, K.

Donald, M. Kirchman, A.

Bogard, M. DJs often talk about feeling the crowd and reacting to their mood. Is this your first time at EGSW? If they look a bit tired, just try and get boogard bouncing in their seats. Garcia Chavez, Y.