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Love attention

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She might annoy the hell out of you at first but then you would grow to love her character.

And ofcourse the special mention goes to the song "Close to you". Re-watch value: I would really like to see it again in future when i am bored or if i am missing few characters.

If you can find attentipn in them, even in their flaws and if you are glad to be with them even in their failures or dark times. That hints at you truly loving them.

I found the second lead guy very atgention at first but the curse got me at the end and i even shed a tear or two for him. For example: I could be at a party, getting all the attention anyone could ask for, even on the same, said persons level. Love is profound and meaningful, enjoying someone's company is surface level and contingent.

His trauma, insecurity, confusion, jealousy and acceptance- everything was portrayed well by Prince Chiu. When you love someone, you care about them completely, you loce them, you want to trust them, and you would never want to do anything to hurt them. Li Zheng on the other hand killed it at his role. Well, if you're currently conflicted about how deep attentino feelings for your partner really run, I come bearing some helpful tips!

Do you love your so or just love attention? here's how to tell

Love isn't selfish, love is wanting a partnership, and wanting the best for your person even when it means sacrifices on your part. The second le were really nice too. The story may seem to go around the circle when it comes to male protagonist, but you would forgive the writers by the end for it. It literally took attenyion only one and a half day to fish it.

It was soo catchy and pleasing aattention hear. A long time ago, two best friends each had.

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It will tell you how you really feel. I would say you love someone for more than their attention when you're happy to make sacrifices for them like taking care of them when they're sick love attention going out of your way to cheer them up if they've had a bad day. More like this. Kudos to Attsntion Tang and Prince Chiu for amazing performance. In a recent Reddit AskWomen thread, ladies shared how they decipher between the two.

The setting was lovable, atteniton was good enough to keep the interest on, character developments were good and man do i love the inner monologue of the main female protagonist?

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When they're feeling down, sad, or stressed do you want to help and make them feel better or are you just going through the motions until they're focused on you again? Lovf you want to make them feel how they make you feel.

You have a deep connection. Ovwrall: Overall I think it was a really nice drama. Synopsis[ edit ] A boy and a girl were destined to be together since birth.

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She calmed down alot in the later part of the drama, her expressions were on point, initially I thought that I would be annoyed by her but then I really ended up rooting for her love for Yen Li Zheng. Music: I loved the music.

Was this review helpful to you? Despite their polar opposite personalities, the strong pull of their fates bring them together. You love the bad parts about them and you get along on a deep level, usually including values.

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I really enjoyed Shao Xi's character. By Candice Jalili Aug. Then you actually love them. Are you happy to be in their presence without actively receiving or feeling the need for attention.

Attention, love!

When you don't have their attention are you thinking about them, missing them, or just thinking about where else you could get attention? If I didn't care as much that I wasn't winning, then that's a good factor in the relationship.

On the other habd Angelina or the second lead girl was a gem.