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Hot italian males

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I like music and friends. Discretion is paramount. I do not want to get married so I'll put that out there right up front.

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My itaalian quickly grabbed a coin and tossed it good baseball style into the fountain, her eyes tightly pressed as she made a wish. In addition to women there are three great passions in lives of the most Italian men: food, family and sports. Truth is, Roman people still love Caesar today, and it shows: a day goes seldom by without fresh flowers being placed on his grave. Now you probably want to know what happened next?

Well he did buy her some gelato and.

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Kim Rossi Stuart 31 October - Italian film actor. Italian males are neat. Married twice, he has two children with his first wife and two with his current, Rosa Fanti.

Italian men really care italain themselves and look even better than some women. Valentino is probably the first modern sex symbolat least in the sense we say it today: women swooned, screamed and would do anything for him. Luca Argentero 12 April - actor. Raffaello Balzo 18 March - Italian actor and model.

Against the background of the larger European neighbors Italian men differ a lot with their mobility and smiling, showing the superiority of quality, and rather quality over quantity. This is very serious.

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He was elegant and attentive to hit fo them. Girls can often hear compliments from men on the streets - "Bellissima"! But this description is more suitable for southerners.

Close your eyes and think about what you want. My mother and I stopped and looked at him.

Antonio Cupo 10 January - actor, musician, lead singer in a rock band "Hybrid Cartel". Riccardo Scamarcio 13 November - Italian actor.

Hot italian men

There was a chill in the autumn air and the sky was sparkling and clear. Alessandro Gassman The sexiest in history The world still remembers Julius Caesar: his eyes, dark and fiery, went down in history. Fabrizio Bucci 19 October - Italian actor of theater, film and television. To shake off this image, Bova took on not roles in cinema, like a terrorist in Rewind, an Austrian nales in La frontiera and Saint Francis of Assisi in Francesco, only to name a few.

Sexy italian men

It is normal for them to live with parents up to 40 years. Think long and hard. The first look so-so and sometimes create traffic congestion, because they can not take off a look of walking girls. Giulio Berruti 27 September — Italian actor.

His emotional feelings make him loosing a head. Sometimes I would see her alone, looking out the window on a dreary day, and she get a wistful look in her eye and then say something that she had learned in Italian.

Clint Mauro - American model and actor. Marco Brian - Italian model.

And now I present to you my Top most hot Italian men. Valerio Foglia Manzillo 3 February - Italian actor.

Top hot italian men. photo gallery

The second ones are stylish and brutal, and females turn around to look at them - whether to admire their bodies or to examine their accessories. And the man travelled a lot.

Italian men temperament What can we say about Italian male in love? Related Posts:. Raoul Bova 14 August - Italian actor and model.

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An unbridled and unscrupulous rover, he was a player, a cheat, an actor, a great charmer, but also a man of profound intelligence and culture. Patrizio Buanne 20 September - Italian singer.

Average growth; Charming smile. In the north live the cynics and pragmatists, while in the south - extroverts and philanthropists.