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Grange hill cast nude

I started entering competitions grajge from that started singing. The adults were very aware that the kids were the reason people watched it; not really to see the teachers.

Did you get on well with from the cast? There were so many letters; I think people could identify with the characters. Had I been completely nude, I think I would have locked myself in a dark hilll and never come out! Most people mean well, they just want a photograph, an autograph or to talk to you; it goes with the territory. I had to spend two weeks somewhere in Hil I think, living as a dolphin trainer, cutting up fish and looking after them for two weeks.

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We were a multicultural cast who were all very fond of each other. I remember reading my scripts and thinking blimey this story-line was not way out of my depth, but that it was unbelievable that they were writing about it for kids TV. For me it would be wonderful just to receive a great script and get totally immersed in that character.

The Rich Brats of Beverly Hills always know how to have a good fucking time! That would have been amazing to do. We partied together in our teens as we left Grange Hill!

As much as the cast embraces the 40th anniversary next year, I hope that the BBC do as well. At nide point were we told we were auditioning for the part of Claire Scott.

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I was geange a play last year, but I have. Alix and her boyfriend, Xander Corvus, hope to convince Peta to lose her virginity to them.

I had my own PR company when we moved to LA, and then later moved back. If anything my sadness comes from the powers that be not really respecting the show, the cast and the fans.

Anthony has his own feast at the dinner table, licking and sucking every inch of Maya's big tits and wet pussy, while she gobble-gobble's up his big dick and big load! Big titsBlondeBrunettehdzog. They thought little Johnny was going off to some sort of Victorian school and really it was all having a fag behind the bike sheds and snogging in the broom cupboard! There were several auditions; we kept being called back.

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It was very exciting for all of us! How do you look back on your time in the series? Were there any storylines you would have liked to have covered as Claire? I think at the time we were probably all excited about what we were going to do, but the reality is that it would have been wonderful to stay.

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I was somebody once — not just your mum! If you want to hear more from Paula, you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram paulaannbland Share this:. It was the era when everybody was doing it; a completely different time hilll now. We spoke about what the real kids were doing. I was born in Blyth, a small town just north of Newcastle, where there was graneg very famous local comedian called Bobby Thompson.

We had so much fun. We got to school leaving age and organically we had to leave. Yes we did. In this exclusive interview, Paula Ann Bland talks about life at Grange Hill and the happy memories it evokes.

I think part of it is that we were all part of the same boat, and that boat was a very unusual one and not one every kid could either hkll with or understand. That was really exciting to do. After Grange Hill, you appeared in a lot of film and television roles.

Claire scott ()

What lead to you leaving? Don't miss out on this threesome for the ages!

But, there are certain circumstances where it was just overwhelming and you do feel very alone. Your last episode was the Christmas Special.

It was like cattle! Why do you think Grange Hill was so popular? I danced from when I was a four year old.

Paula ann bland & julie graham

I think it was a lot to deal with at such a young age. So it was my love of dancing that lead to doing shows; and that was all I wanted to do. Alison Bettles Fay was at my wedding and vice versa.