Fast and Soiled MIDI Interface with USBASP

Quick and Dirty MIDI Interface with USBASP

[Robson Couto] lately discovered himself in want of MIDI interface for a venture he was engaged on, however didn’t need to purchase one simply to make use of it as soon as; we’ve all been there. Being the inventive fellow that he’s, he determined to give you one thing that not solely used the components he had on-hand however might be accomplished in a single afternoon. Actually a hacker after our personal hearts.

Looking out round on-line, he discovered documentation for utilizing an ATtiny microcontroller as a MIDI interface utilizing V-USB. He figured it shouldn’t be too tough to adapt that venture to run on one of many many USBASP programmers he had laying round, and started working updating the code.

Initially written for the ATtiny2313, [Robson] first needed to change across the pin configuration so it will work on the ATmega8 within the USBASP, and in addition up to date the USB-V implementation to the most recent model. With the code up to date, he programmed one of many USBASP adapters with a second one by connecting them collectively and placing a jumper on the J2 header.

He had the software program sorted, however there was nonetheless a little bit of {hardware} work to do. To offer isolation for the MIDI machine, he put collectively a small circuit using a 6N137 optoisolator and a few passive elements on a bit of perf board. It’s not fairly, however it does match proper into the programming connector on the USBASP. He may have fired up his PCB CNC however thought it was a bit overkill for such a easy board.

[Robson] notes that he hasn’t applied MIDI output along with his adapter, however that the code and the chip are completely able to it if you happen to want it in your venture. Discovering the schematic to hook as much as the programmer’s TX pin is left as an train for the reader.

For those who don’t have a USBASP within the components bin, we’ve seen a really comparable trick carried out with an Arduino clone up to now.

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