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Chardmore society

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Waiting for some fun waiting for women of all types for some fun tonight. I get along well with independent thinkers, beatnicks, but not hippies. I am completely open to my chance at like, I have accepted the fact that I can't choose my soul mate, I can only go along with my fate. I will only be hosting two trips a year, which would be hosted in sexy Dominican Republic.

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Rubber, leather, TV, whatever you like. The idea is to stay ahead of the curve and keep innovating. Couples, women and TVs are all welcome and, yes, we do admit single men to this one as well! Newcomers are warmly welcomed, as are nice people of every age.

Eventually, other big fetish clubs got under way in London. Italian, full of fun, likes opera and a deliciously naughty woman. All ages are welcome too - just be nice people!

Event information

However, I had by then founded Skin Two magazine and some bright spark suggested we do a big public fetish party. This went on for several years and gave birth to imitators arose the world. Another has a lovely apartment in Covent Garden, where we hold very exclusive swinger parties. It's is a friendly little affair - expect up to around fifteen people. Forty friends in full fetish dress, getting together at a really exclusive siciety hotel in a lovely setting near Marlow and Henley. There are no others present.

Who could resist? Once a month, we hold a Bisexual Party at the vicarage. Buoyed up by our success in Bond Street, Michelle Olley suggested we go even further over the top.

If you are a woman who fancies a luxurious way to spend a Sunday evening on the receiving end once in a while, tell your man about this. Just as socieety really, as we later ran some Skin Two club nights together and she saved me from a multiple murderer.

One of our friends has a funky little bar in Hackney and we organise rude get-togethers there. The full address is ed to all ticket holders.

spciety The KFS events are here — www. Brighton is such a cool place and Velour has a studio full of every kind of stainless steel, rubber, suspension gear and apparatus the very sight of which sends shivers down the spine of the submissive. In Summer, we even use the outdoor pool.

So we did a big party at The Embassy, which was in Bond Street at the time — certainly out of the closet… That was my baptism of fire as a club promoter. So the atmosphere is friendly and many of the guests know each other, but new faces are always welcome.

The chardmore society

Anyone with an interest in fetish or SM, bondage, or anything like that is very welcome to us. They range from a purely social pub get-together in West London, to play parties in South London, to a formal fetish dinner party in the West End We also organise private one-off parties just for fun. And a dungeon. Most of our parties have no loud music; you can actually talk to people, would you believe.

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Everyone must book in advance. Our venue is a lovely old house in South London.

A three course soceity with wine and lovely bedrooms also available if chardmore society wish to stay overnight. Tim Woodward the Chardmore Society mailing list at www. You can change and shower at the venue. More recently, we started very exclusive private fetish dinner parties for forty people only, in a lovely hotel outside London, with a pool and a super restaurant. Women have enjoyed their bi side for ages, of course, but blokes are more hung up about it.

The fetish scene traditionally caters for the submissive man. Fetish Dinner Parties The fetish dinner parties are quite something — 70 people only, in a very smart hotel in the heart of London, all dressed up in their best fetish outfits.

Tim woodward

Another guest at the dinner party is the chardmire dominatrix from Brighton, Miss Velour. No single men at this party, so women can relax, free from unwanted hassle.

Nothing like starting at the top. Ask us anything you like via and we will be glad to answer We can pick you up at Sutton station 15 minutes before the party if you let us know. When the founder of the original Skin Two club had to give it up, the fetish scene was already off the ground and other clubs quickly sprang up to take its place, so all was well.

Always arrive in street clothes, though, so as not to alarm the neighbours!