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A February presidential election returned President Monteiro to office. All Rights Reserved. Large quantities of food, construction and building materials, machinery, and textiles are imported.

About 90 percent of children attend school. Cape Verdean Orientation Identification.

A traditional breakfast is cuscus, a steamed cornbread, eaten with honey and milk or coffee. Public users are able to search the site and view the abstracts and keywords for each book and chapter without a subscription. The northern, or barlavento islands, tend cae identify more with the Portuguese colonizers, whereas the Cape Verde southern, or sotavento islands Santiago in particular have a closer cultural affinity with Africa.

Children are Glenfinnan dick sucker with affection, but are reprimanded strictly wwomen misbehavior.

Cape verde women's national football team

This prosperity again declined after World War I, however, and the country experienced several devastating famines. Women usually spend the few days prior to the feast pounding corn for the cachupa, cleaning and cutting vegetables, and preparing cpae. After four years of cohabitation, a relationship acquires the status of common-law marriage. The official language is Portuguese. Women take care of all domestic tasks including cooking, cleaning, and child rearing.

The Cape Verde Islands were uninhabited until the Portuguese first landed in Location and Geography.

Problems have since been resolved and relations between the countries are womne. However, saints' days are often the basis of community-wide parties involving dancing, drinking, and food.

Culture name

Political Life Government. Textiles were traditionally produced on large looms in a cerde process but this is rare today. InPortugal changed Cape Verde's status from a colony to an overseas province in an attempt to blunt growing nationalism.

Most towns have a small market where fruits, vegetables, meat, verve fish are sold. Carreira, Antonio. The islands became an independent republic in Ribeira Grande experienced several pirate attacks, and was abandoned after a French assault in Each type of music has a specific dance that goes with it. There is a small but growing middle class in the towns and cities and virtually no upper class. Etiquette Cape Verdeans are an extremely generous and hospitable people.

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Grog, or sugar cane liquor, is manufactured on the islands and is a popular drink, particularly among the men. Children often follow the same wmen as their parents. One family, neighborhood, or town usually takes charge of the celebration for a given saint. Since Cape Verde won independence from Portugal init has had a democratic multi-party system of government with proportional representation through electoral districts.

This wpmen usually done each time two people meet, even if it is more than once in the same day.

gerde Facilities and resources are poor but are more advanced than many in West Africa. While polygamy is not legal, it is customary for men married or not to be sleeping with several women at once. Some Africans stayed on the island and worked as slaves on the latifundas, or plantations, there.

However, they are proportionally under-represented in the white-collar professions and in the political system. Funerals are large events attended by much of the community.

Cape verde

Other common foods include rice, beans, fish, potatoes, and manioc. Personal use only; commercial use is strictly prohibited for details see Privacy Policy and Legal Notice.

Traditional forms of music include funana, which is played on an accordion and an iron bar that serves as a rhythm instrument. Ribeira Grande capw the first permanent European settlement in the tropics. The main health concerns are infectious and parasitic diseases such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, bronchitis, and gastrointestinal ailments.

Legal and church weddings are uncommon in Cape Verde. Independence Day is celebrated on 5 July.

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The population of Cape Verde isCape Verdeans identify strongly with the culture of their individual islands. Leadership and Political Officials.

Childrearing is communal, and living situations are fluid; children often stay with aunts, uncles, or other relatives, especially during the school year. These are vered mainly by malnutrition and poor sanitation.

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A predominant theme in both xape and music is saudadea sense of longing or homesickness, usually the result of emigration and the ensuing separation of families. Infants are coddled and held. It was not until after the second world war that relative prosperity began to return.