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And one other quick vendor has lobbed a Molotov cocktail at a market darling! Exactly seven months since Soren Aandahl (then of Glaucus, now of Blue Orca) – extra shit stirrer than quick vendor – lobbed a devastating Molotov cocktail at Blue Sky Various Investments from California, Aussie hedge fund VGI Companions has turned its weapons on Company Journey Administration. Blood within the streets stuff, this capital markets caper now’s.

Aandahl’s was a masterful advertising and marketing play, (for lack of borrow) little greater than $1 million staked on Blue Sky’s draw back. VGI, although, stands to e book massive good points (or heavy losses), with practically $60 million wager on a Company Journey plummet.

Company Journey devoted greater than half of its holding assertion on Sunday to stating the industrial crucial its predator had in its share value falling, a conspicuous reality VGI led its personal presentation with. Blue Sky led with the exact same whine towards Glaucus on March 28. Its shares are down 89.9 per cent since then.

Unsurprisingly, Company Journey’s shares will stay suspended from buying and selling till Wednesday, whereas founder Jamie Pherous scrambles to cobble collectively explanations for VGI’s variably damning “purple flags” that may stop market sentiment from turning – and turning right into a savage sell-off. We do not like his possibilities. And anyway, the CEO of any hyper-growth inventory (one purple flag not raised by VGI: Brisbane fundie Hyperion is Pherous’ largest shareholder) needs to be effectively and actually ready for this second.

Robert Luciano of Aussie hedge fund VGI Partners, whose fund has turned its guns on Corporate Travel Management.
Robert Luciano of Aussie hedge fund VGI Companions, whose fund has turned its weapons on Company Journey Administration.

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Then there’s Morgan Stanley’s sheer unhealthy timing. It sprayed out a “analysis tactical concept” on Friday morning arguing that Company Journey’s “share value will rise relative to the nation index over the following 15 days. It is because the inventory has traded off not too long ago, making quick time period valuation way more compelling.” Brief one thing, simply not quick time period! This belongs on a brass plaque someplace; hell, we’ll fee it ourselves.


Entrenched position

However essentially the most placing widespread denominator between these two Brisbane-based shit heaps is the entrenched position of the Eagle Avenue dealer to all self-respecting Brisbane-based shit heaps, Morgans.

Yep, Morgans was stuffing Blue Sky shares down its poor purchasers’ throats like an aged-care nurse wielding a liquid feed tube. The Morgans analyst Scott “Scooter” Murdoch protecting the Gladstone bedsit-flipper even purchased a home (off-market) from its dislodged CEO Rob Shand. Extra traditional nonetheless: the outward indignance of Morgans’ broking desk when a inventory they had been force-feeding as mindlessly as their grasp of its enterprise mannequin turned radioactive. Received any extra free recommendation, James Chandler? Dickhead.

On Sunday afternoon, Morgans had its personal analysis flash: “at this stage, we don’t agree with numerous the problems highlighted [by VGI’s report], nevertheless extra work must be completed.” Simply not by them, Morgans’ purchasers may rightly hope. However, “as we heard from our Queensland convention a little bit over two weeks in the past, [Corporate Travel] has made a really sturdy begin to FY19…”

That will be information from an interview Pherous gave to Morgans dealer Chris Titley that may as effectively have been a Brad Fittler cross to the Maroons’ sheds after State of Origin. To butcher a butchered Caesar: we heard, we transcribed, we believed, we on-sold. That Kenneth Hayne did not have a look at this sub-sector is a miracle absolutely past even the Pope’s reckoning.

Good day?! Morgans was lead supervisor of the 2010 float of Company Journey. Morgans absolutely underwrote the corporate’s capital raisings of November 2013, December 2014 and December 2016, new fairness price (at concern) $170 million. Morgans bought $35 million of shares in March 2015 for Pherous and a senior colleague personally, then once more moved $53 million of Company Journey inventory for an unnamed former government in July 2018. Pay them a fee and what you get. Open a private account with them and get what you deserve.

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