Blowing and drifting snow a go back and forth danger into Tuesday

Blowing and drifting snow a travel hazard into Tuesday

BOZEMAN – The largest factor for many who have go back and forth plans throughout SW Montana will spaces of blowing snow and diminished visibility.

Floor winds are expanding forward of the following climate maker and for wind vulnerable spaces search for blowing snow this night into Tuesday. I-15 Monida move used to be closed from Sunday afternoon into Monday afternoon because of really extensive blowing snow and enormous drifts over I-15 between Spencer, ID and Monida move. As of one pm Monday the move is open, then again, it might shut once more as gusty winds will proceed to supply blowing and drifting snow on this area.

Nine am Monday East Livingston

Livingston space could also be reporting expanding floor winds on I-90 Monday morning into Monday afternoon. From time to time really extensive blowing snow did have an effect on go back and forth within the Livingston space Monday morning.

As the following pacific typhoon rolls in off the Jet Move search for expanding wind Monday evening into Tuesday morning. Warming temperatures are most probably and there’s a probability for on and off snow.

Biggest go back and forth affects shall be alongside the MT/ID state line.

There are a lot of Wintry weather Hurricane WARNINGS, Wintry weather Climate Advisories and Wintry weather Hurricane Watches up around the Pacific NW, Idaho and some distance Western Montana this night thru Wednesday. Tricky to hazardous to unhealthy go back and forth is most probably around the area.

SW Montana will see sessions of snow with accumulations possibly west of the divide and alongside the MT/ID state line.

Snow Forecast


Flood Watch

Round 7 days of Arctic air and under 0 temperatures this time of yr creates ice jams on space rivers and ice jam flooding.

The Jefferson River from Dual Bridges to North of Silver Megastar is below a FLOOD WATCH till additional understand.

An ice jam has advanced North of Silver Megastar and is backing up water as some distance South as Hells Canyon Highway.

River ranges are at or above minor flood level Monday afternoon. Those that reside alongside the Jefferson River North of Dual Bridges must be ready for conceivable flooding.

Town by way of Town Forecast:

BOZEMAN: LOW: 13°; HIGH TUESDAY: 29°. Most commonly cloudy Monday evening with scattered snow. SW winds to 15 mph and localized gusts to 30 mph may produce spaces of blowing snow. Tuesday shall be just a little hotter however more potent floor winds, SW 10 to 20 with gusts 40 mph and spaces of blowing snow and drifting snow will have an effect on go back and forth.

BUTTE: LOW: 9°; HIGH TUESDAY: 29°. Scattered snow is most probably for Butte Monday evening with 1″ – 3″ conceivable and SW winds 10 to 20 mph generating spaces of blowing snow. Tuesday no longer as chilly with scattered snow from time to time however more potent floor winds SW 15 to 25 mph.

DILLON: LOW: 13°; HIGH TUESDAY: 31°. Most commonly cloudy with a slight probability for snow Monday evening and SW winds 10 to 20 mph generating spaces of blowing snow. Tuesday shall be just a little hotter with expanding SW winds 15 to 25 mph and height gusts to 40 mph. Spaces of blowing and drifting will have an effect on go back and forth.

WEST YELLOWSTONE: LOW: 2°; HIGH TUESDAY: 23°. Snow is most probably for West Yellowstone Monday evening into Tuesday with average accumulations conceivable 3″ – 6″. Gusty winds from time to time out of the SW 10 to 20 mph and gusts over 30 mph are conceivable which can carry spaces of blowing and drifting snow and can have an effect on go back and forth particularly heading into Island Park, ID.

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