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Bangkok or pattaya

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Bangkok or pattaya - thailand forum

Last updated: August 21st, in Bangkok Pattaya Thai Girls One of the questions I recently get asked quite a lot from readers is: Which city is better in terms of girls, Bangkok or Pattaya? More hookers and more fun. Lots of time between now and November. Not all Thais understand English well and sometimes bantkok a customer is talking loudly or waving their arms around they may be thought bangkkok be about to have a fight, even when this may not be the case!

Bangkok vs pattaya: nightlife, girls & prices

You can find a more detailed explanation here. Better in terms of prices for sex?

However do not expect streetfood to be everywhere as nowadays it has mainly od location to smaller streets and alleyways rather than cluttering up the footpaths on main ro. The only type of place I think Bangkok has an advantage are the soapy massage parlors that really have more beautiful and more white skinned but also more expensive girls to choose from.

There is not much difference in cost. Downstairs bars paattaya ones in the street are no problem as long as you do not buy expensive drinks for ladies called " lady drinks", which are several times normal price. Or anywhere really. You could even live here and not get confronted with prostitution at all or at least to a much lower extent.

If you wanted some beach time then perhaps just beyond pattaya just another minutes is Jomtien Beach. Second option, you could flirt with girls in everyday situations, like talk to the lady at the coffee shop, 7-Eleven or in the shopping mall.

Minivans go when full. But then again, you have so many more girls to choose from and can just try with the next girl you like on the dating site or in the shopping mall. However, what I think is a big difference between both cities, is that people both girls and guys in Pattaya banykok more friendly in general than in Pattyaa. Report inappropriate content. Hope this cleared some things up for you!

To avoid being stopped by cops make sure you do not wander around drunk with no shirt on or get into arguments or fights Date hookup Kriva Palanka locals arguing ptataya the bill in an agressive way or making fun of ladyboys etc If you are polite to Thais, smile a lot and are not too stingey the local people will like you and you will have no trouble.

If you want Big City then Bangkok for both nights would be my suggestion, if bqngkok want nightlife, street shopping and a place not as large then Pattaya as everyhone else has said is ca couple of hours.

Bangkok or pattaya? - bangkok forum

In Pattaya apart from Walking Street the most notorious road for bars is Soi 6. Yes again, there are always exceptions, like you also got more or less smart women working in places like real estate in Pattaya — but those are really rare.

If you ask for hotel help include a price range in Thai baht. Not to mention bangkokk hundreds of thousands of women working in all the retail shops, cafes, malls, restaurants, hotels etc that you can take as your girlfriend and have much better chances of her doing the housework and cooking for you compared to girls with similar jobs in Pattaya.

And apart from that, Bangkok is a city for young Thai women to come from all over Thailand to study at the countless of universities and colleges. Because I know that there are quite a lot of different opinions on whether Bangkok girls or Pattaya girls are better. The night clubs would be an option too, but more often than not you are running into a freelancer as well.

Bangkok vs pattaya: location, geography and weather

Better for friends and serious dating and still more than enough hookers to have fun with. And maybe more. Pattaya has a large range of good cheap hotels, if you though are staying between say December 20th and early January partaya prices are much higher than outside of that period.

Good luck. So again, of course Bangkok is the bigger city with more girls, but are they also better for taking as your patgaya compared to Pattaya girls? Late November might have hotels higher priced than first week.

What to do at night in pattaya

Bangkok however is quite different. There is still quite a bit of it around Khaosan Road mainly at night, especially if looking for the stalls that sell fried insects, locusts, maggots, crickets, scorpions etc. What I noticed with Bangkok girls is that they tend to be a lot more flaky in this regards, usually pretending to be so busy which might actually be the case.

Re: Bangkok or Pattaya?

I looking adult dating

Better in terms of finding a girlfriend or even finding a gik? The quantity and quality is better in Bangkok. I know there are different opinions on this one, but I also feel that the atmosphere down in Pattaya is much more relaxed and easy going than it is here in Bangkok. Here, you find girls who want to work on their future — some would study, bankok would do training at a new job, some would do a career in one of the big companies. Plus Pattaya is only a 2.

It is best to pay for each drink immediately as you get it or check the bill slips put into the little holder on the bar infront of you to make sure you know exactly how much you owe. The 8 or 9 girl in Bangkok would say 3, Baht and no Satang less. Worse prices banfkok Christmas-New Years holidays.

And even these kind of ladies are nicer and better for friends in Bangkok than in Pattaya. Coming for a holiday? Even if you are working online, then you have much better opportunities to network and meet like-minded people here.

Pattaya nightlife

The few people I have seen getting stopped by cops were usually guys who were drawing too much attention ti themselves by being very loud and drunk, after closing time about 1 am. It costs about baht each and there is transport leaving about every half hour. After a couple of nights in Bangkok you can go to Pattaya cheaply by getting a bus or minivan from Ekkamai bus station, or Morchit bus station. Each city forum will have a "Things to Do" choice under the green bar at the top of the website.

92220 hole 4 big blk cock would stay here for years and of course also look for friends and not just boyfriends.